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XS Trash™ Miami Junk Hauling Service. Same-Day Junk removal service in Miami and all surrounding areas including South Beach.

Here at XS Trash, our Construction Debris Hauling in Kendall services are fully licensed and insured, with a hand-chosen team that strives for nothing less than 100% customer satisfaction. Our customers, both commercial and residential, are always offered the most affordable rates, most convenient scheduling and same day service when available.

XS Trash provides affordable and top notch Construction Debris Hauling in Kendall services. We service residential, business, industrial facilities & constructions sites. When you hire us, we will go above and beyond to fulfill your needs and keep you satisfied.

We make the decision as to which construction cleanup and debris hauling company to use a simple one by pointing out a few key factors. The team of XS Trash is fast and efficient, licensed and insured. This is definitely ‘key’ when it comes to debris with special recycling concerns. Some companies do not have the resources for such disposal requirements. And truck size does matter!

At 21 yards, we are able to haul away twice as much as other companies, thus limiting the number of pickups needed which saves you time and money, again unlike other companies. XS Trash is a Construction Debris Hauling in Kendall company that strives to provide customer satisfaction to all of our clients. As you can see, the choice is clear! Call XS Trash for your FREE estimate!

XS Trash clients are home-owners, builders, contractors, handyman, FEMA, HOA’s property managers

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  • Why Choose XS TrashSame Day Junk Removal Service
  • Why Choose XS TrashDismantle & Remove Any Unwanted Items
  • Why Choose XS TrashAffordable Junk Hauling Prices
  • Why Choose XS TrashCommercial - Residential - HOA - FEMA
  • Why Choose XS TrashHaul From Anywhere On Your Property

Why Choose XS Trash Florida?

Licensed & Insured Junk Removal Company.

Guarantee 100% Customer Satisfaction.

For larger operations, we also provide full-service or self-service dumpster rentals, as well as Bobcat services.

Big or Small, We Trash It All - We take more for less.

Junk Removal In Miami

Hauling Services in Miami

We provide both self-serve and full-service junk removal options. Our trucks, which have a capacity of 21 yards, are an excellent choice for junk, trash, debris removal for Miami & Miami Beach DIY projects, spring cleaning, foreclosures, demolitions, and new construction.

XS Trash has established itself as one of Miami Dade County leading waste removal companies thanks to our low pricing and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Our satisfied customers enjoy the services of a team of fully licensed and devoted professionals.

Same Day Junk Removal in Miami

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