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XS Trash Miami Junk Hauling Service. Same-Day Junk removal service in Miami and all surrounding areas including South Beach.

Whether you're a private home owner or a commercial property manager, our Construction Cleanup Service in North Bay Village is ideal for your next renovation or new construction project. Our comprehensive services can help keep your construction site clear of any hazardous debris laying around.

It is always very important to hire a construction cleanup service in North Bay Village ahead of time, but if you forget we try our hardest to make it easy for you to get the assistance you need on construction day. With our convenient same-day scheduling availability, we can dispatch a team to your location right away. Call today for your FREE estimate.

Our clients often refer us to their friends, family, and colleagues and we have earned a sparkling reputation for our friendly and effective services. This is because XS Trash is dedicated to providing 100% customer satisfaction, guaranteed. We make it easy for our clients to get the assistance they need, with two options for junk hauling service. If you would like to load our truck yourself, we can deliver it to your location and haul it off when you're finished.

Alternatively, our skilled workers are licensed and insured to load the truck with all of your construction trash while you focus on more important aspects of running your construction project. From demolitions, foreclosures, and renovations to garage cleanout and storm debris, there is no limit to the junk we can haul off for you. Plus, with our commitment to eco-friendly disposal techniques, we will recycle any eligible items.

XS Trash clients are home-owners, builders, contractors, handyman, FEMA, HOA’s property managers

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  • Why Choose XS TrashSame Day Junk Removal Service
  • Why Choose XS TrashDismantle & Remove Any Unwanted Items
  • Why Choose XS TrashAffordable Junk Hauling Prices
  • Why Choose XS TrashCommercial - Residential - HOA - FEMA
  • Why Choose XS TrashHaul From Anywhere On Your Property

Why Choose XS Trash Florida?

Licensed & Insured Junk Removal Company.

Guarantee 100% Customer Satisfaction.

For larger operations, we also provide full-service or self-service dumpster rentals, as well as Bobcat services.

Big or Small, We Trash It All - We take more for less.

Junk Removal In Miami

Hauling Services in Miami

We provide both self-serve and full-service junk removal options. Our trucks, which have a capacity of 21 yards, are an excellent choice for junk, trash, debris removal for Miami & Miami Beach DIY projects, spring cleaning, foreclosures, demolitions, and new construction.

XS Trash has established itself as one of Miami Dade County leading waste removal companies thanks to our low pricing and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Our satisfied customers enjoy the services of a team of fully licensed and devoted professionals.

Same Day Junk Removal in Miami

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