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XS Trash South Florida Junk Hauling Service. Same-Day Junk removal service in South Florida.

Construction Cleanup Companies are not always reliable and the best choice for your wallet, but our company XS Trash is. Our professional crew can pick up any kind of junk or debris you have, from remodeling jobs to removing old furniture, there is nothing we can not handle! We work with you in mind, and we have very high standards for our customers. Do not wait to call us, the sooner you do the faster we can remove your junk and debris. You do not want to leave your site filled with debris, because it can pose a threat to employees working around it. Give us a call today to hear more. You will not be disappointed!

As one of the leading Construction Cleanup Companies in the area, our customers refer us to their family and friends all of the time. We have an excellent reputation, and we work very hard to maintain it. Our professional staff is dedicated to helping you with all of your junk removal needs. We can remove old furniture, old appliances, and more. If you have a mess you need us to pick up due to a remodeling job or a construction project, we got you covered! You will be so impressed with how clean we leave the area once we pick up all of your junk and debris! Our team will work fast and efficiently to pick up every item you want removed. If you need any special requests, let us know and we will accommodate you!

Why become cluttered with debris from construction when we are one of the most sought after Construction Cleanup Companies around. Here at XS Trash we will clear fall-out and dangerous debris, old appliances, windows and siding, and any debris from a renovation project, commercial or residential. Call the professional cleanup crew at XS Trash. We are prompt and efficient, offer convenient scheduling, at affordable rates. We will schedule pick up for just a single item, or as many items as can fill a truck. We are highly respected in this trade, and we boast a long list of very happy and loyal clients who continue to use us after so many years. We are environmentally conscious; we use eco-friendly methods of waste removal; book confidently!

XS Trash clients are home-owners, builders, contractors, handyman, FEMA, HOA’s property managers

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XS TRASH - Construction Cleanup Companies

  • Why Choose XS TrashSame Day JUnk Removal Service
  • Why Choose XS TrashDismantle if needed & Haul Away
  • Why Choose XS TrashAffordable Prices
  • Why Choose XS TrashCommercial - Residential - HOA - FEMA
  • Why Choose XS TrashHaul From Anywhere On Your Property

Why Choose XS Trash Florida?

Licensed & Insured Junk Removal Company.

Guarantee 100% Customer Satisfaction.

For larger operations, we also provide full-service or self-service dumpster rentals, as well as Bobcat services.

Big or Small, We Trash It All - We take more for less.

Junk Removal Broward, Miami & Palm Beach

South Florida Junk Hauling

Furniture removal is available as a self-serve or full-service option. Our 21-yard trucks are a fantastic choice for removing old furniture in Broward County, Miami Dade County, Miami Beach, and Palm Beach County.

XS Trash has established itself as one of South Florida's leading waste removal companies thanks to our low pricing and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Same Day Junk Removal in Broward, Miami & Palm Beach

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