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Garage Clean Out Service

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Junk Removal & Hauling Service

Garage Clean Out Services

Got Junk? Call XS Trash immediately for reliable Same-Day Garage Clean Out Service i n Broward County, Miami and Palm Beach County.

Fast, friendly and reliable junk removal service at budget-friendly prices.
No job is too small for us.

JUNK HAULING Licensed & Bonded

Fully licensed, insured, and bonded and we guarantee your complete satisfaction.
We offer Flexable scheduling including weekends.

Residential Garage Cleanout

At XS Trash Florida, we provide a comprehensive residential garage cleanout service designed to help homeowners effortlessly reclaim their garage space. 


Our expert teams tackle the overwhelming clutter—old furniture, outdated appliances, and unused sporting goods—that often accumulates over the years, preventing effective use of the area. With our efficient removal and responsible disposal methods, we clear out your space and, if requested, help organize the remaining items. 


Our service not only frees up physical space but also alleviates the mental burden of a disorganized garage, enabling you to fully utilize it for parking, hobbies, or any other purpose you envision.


Commercial Garage Clean OUt 

At XS Trash Florida, we specialize in commercial garage cleanout services, tailored to help businesses efficiently manage their workspace. Our professional teams adeptly handle the removal of accumulated clutter such as outdated equipment, excess inventory, and unused tools that can hinder operational efficiency. 

We ensure a thorough cleanout and responsible disposal of unwanted items, allowing your commercial garage to be transformed into a more functional and organized space. 

This service not only clears physical space but also enhances workflow and safety, making it an essential solution for any business looking to optimize its garage or storage areas.


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  • Why Choose XS TrashSame Day Junk Removal Service
  • Why Choose XS TrashDismantle & Remove Any Unwanted Items
  • Why Choose XS TrashAffordable Junk Hauling Prices
  • Why Choose XS TrashCommercial - Residential - HOA - FEMA
  • Why Choose XS TrashHaul From Anywhere On Your Property

Why Choose XS Trash Florida?

XS Trash Florida provides prompt and friendly service in the areas of Broward, Miami, and Palm Beach for junk pickup, trash hauling, demolition debris removal on the same day.

We are a junk removal company that is fully licensed and insured in all aspects of our operations. We always promise that the customer will be happy with our services.

In addition to our junk pick up service, we also offer full-service and self-service dumpster rentals, we also provide Bobcat services for bigger operations. Regardless of size, we trash it all because we take more for less.

Contact us today for Same-Day service!

XS Trash Florida offers a premier garage cleanout service across Broward, Miami, and Palm Beach counties, providing prompt, friendly junk, trash, and debris removal all on the same day you call! As a fully licensed and insured junk hauling company, 

We stand by our promise to leave every customer completely satisfied with our services. Beyond just cleanouts, we also offer versatile dumpster rentals (both full-service and self-service options) . Whether your project is big or small, XS Trash is your go-to solution for managing junk efficiently and affordably. Established as a leader in waste removal in South Florida, we pride ourselves on our competitive pricing and unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction. Whether it's clearing out junk from residential homes, offices, retail spaces, construction sites, or any other venue, our friendly team is ready to meet all your junk hauling needs with clear, upfront pricing. 

Don't let clutter stand in your way—contact XS Trash today for same-day service and reclaim your space!

Same Day Garage Clean Outs
Broward, Miami & Palm Beach

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