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Land Clearing Broward County

Land Excavating Services in Broward County

Bobcat Excavating Service

Bobcat Service - Land Clearing

Properties of all sizes needing land clearing in Broward County turn to XS Trash for efficient and affordable services. Licensed, bonded, and insured, our team offers cost effective options for your project. Our 21 yard trucks make your job quick and easy!

There's no need to hire multiple contractors for your land clearing in Broward County. Hire our licensed bobcat operator when you need to move large items on your jobsite. Our easy scheduling options take the guesswork out of coordinating your land clearing. We strive for prompt services, accommodating same day appointments when available.

With years of consistent, dependable service, XS Trash is proud to uphold a reputation for providing dependable land clearing in Broward County. With a fleet that includes high capacity trucks, we can clear your land in fewer loads. There is no job that is too big or too small for our team.

Serving our clients with years worth of affordable services, we pride ourselves on our consistent customer service. Not just available for land clearing in Broward County, we also provide construction site cleanup and removal of large debris such as appliances and furniture. For more information, give us a call today!

XS Trash is is dedicated to providing junk removal and hauling service across Broward, removing your junk and unwanted items including old furniture and broken appliances. Using our 21 yard capacity trucks, our team provides affordable rates for Commercial and Residential junk pickup that includes all labor and dump fees based on Bed Load or Volume Load.

XS Trash clients are home-owners, builders, contractors, handyman, FEMA, HOA’s property managers

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  • Bobcat Land Clearing ServiceBobcat Land Clearing Service
  • Licensed & InsuredLicensed & Insured
  • Fast Reliable ServiceFast Reliable Service
  • Affordable RatesAffordable Rates
  • We Haul Away All DebrisWe Haul Away All Debris

Why Choose XS Trash Florida?

XS Trash Florida is a trusted company specializing in land clearing services in Broward County. As a licensed and insured provider, they offer a comprehensive range of land clearing solutions, including tree and brush removal, underbrush clearing, stump grinding, root raking, grubbing, land excavation, grading and leveling, demolition services, slash and debris cleanup, and selective clearing.

With their expertise and commitment to excellence, XS Trash Florida ensures that every land clearing project is executed with precision and efficiency, preparing the land for development or other purposes. Whether it's a small residential lot or a large commercial site, XS Trash Florida is the go-to company for all your land clearing needs, delivering quality services that exceed expectations.

Junk Removal In Broward

Hauling Services in Broward

We provide both self-serve and full-service junk removal options. Our trucks, which have a capacity of 21 yards, are an excellent choice for junk, trash, debris removal for Broward DIY projects, spring cleaning, foreclosures, demolitions, and new construction.

XS Trash has established itself as one of Broward's leading waste removal companies thanks to our low pricing and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Our satisfied customers enjoy the services of a team of fully licensed and devoted professionals.


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